Storm 2 / odin : problems in use otterbox

Posted on June 1, 2010

maybe you use the storm 2 / Odin?

there are a few tips from me for a user Odin, if you use a hardcase like Otterbox especially commuter series, should be avoided.
possible for users of other types this blackberries have no problems (even storm 1), why be like that?
because it has happened several times things that are not convenient for users when using otterbox Odin, the tendency on the part of rubber will soften and eventually become part of the side edge of the touch screen Odin, eventually the screen will be difficult to control, such as difficult and pressing the back button sometimes like a double click.
Odin users should probably use a holster hardcase luggage or use other brands such as capdase a harder rubber parts, may be a little less comfortable, but this would be better than forcing use otterbox commuter, but once again I let you know that for types other than Odin (bold , storm, onyx, etc) are not problematic use of otterbox hardcase.

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