Nathanix 9530 Hybrid V591.2.0 RELEASED!

Posted on June 2, 2010

We are back again with yet anther great hybrid build from Nathanix Blackberry Resource, or at least we think it is. This one is .591 based and full of 705 and 699 with a few leftovers thrown in. Big Thanks to Lyricidal over at on this one as we bounced some ideas off each other as I put this thing together. This time I have put it together in an installer so all you need to do it make sure you have installed and run the .exe.

Download Link =
1. Install to PC
2. Install this over folder
2a. Shrink your OS if you want
3. Install to phone

Bonus Files included into the Hybrid!
RIM Twitter App
Bolt Browser 2.1
Google Maps
Google Talk
and more…

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