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Posted on June 2, 2010

– If you have BlackBerry® Device Software 4.7.1 or lower on your BlackBerry device, you could not use the spelling checker in a chat.- If a file transfer request expired, you could not receive new files.- File transfer requests expired after a short amount of time.- You might not have been able to send voice notes.- You could not preview a picture before saving it to your device.- The file transfer speed has been improved.- In the Camera application, if you took a picture and tried to send it to a contact, the file transfer in BlackBerry® Messenger did not complete and the contact did not receive the picture.- Temporary files that were associated with pictures that you sent or received were not automatically deleted when you ended a chat.- A picture that you received might have appeared as a white square and you could not receive a higher quality version of the picture.- If you viewed a picture that you received and tried to forward it to a contact from the menu, the contact did not receive the picture.- If you saved a picture that you received from a contact to your device and clicked the thumbnail in the chat, the picture did not display.- If you have BlackBerry® Device Software 4.7.1 or lower on your BlackBerry® device, you could not use the spelling checker in a chat.General
– If you changed your status to Busy, contacts might have continued to see your status as Available.- Display pictures might not have appeared.- After changing the contact list style from 2 lines to 1 line, the recent updates list might have looked scrambled.- If you removed your BlackBerry® device from the holster after receiving a new BlackBerry® Messenger message, the message did not automatically display.- After you add a new contact, the activity updates list indicated that the contact’s display picture and display name have changed.Groups
– In group chats, some emoticons might appear to be cut off in messages.- If you tried to join a group by scanning a group barcode, and if 30 people had already scanned the barcode, you received a “This invitation has expired or has already been used by someone else” error message and could not join the group.- If you took a picture with your device in the portrait view and shared it with a group, the shared picture might have appeared in the landscape view instead, or vice versa.

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