Be careful if you want to buy Nokia N900 !!!

Posted on July 9, 2010

Be careful for those of you who will be using the Nokia N900
Nokia N900 for circulating false market with almost the same level of similarity with the original.
Previously I’ve provided a link that displays some information about counterfeit items, but I found the Nokia N900 is actually very similar to the originals, I was almost fooled.

I try to give some important information:
– Note the code FCC ID: there appear QTKRM-233, actually I understand this is code for Nokia 8800 siroco machine.
– IC code: 661AD-RM233, this is the same as the previous code for Nokia siroco IC.
– Cameras in N900 using a professional mobile phone camera with zooming capabilities, while at the Nokia N900 false using only CMOS camera with no flash
– At the Nokia N900 original material used to use hard plastic and textured, while these counterfeit goods using plastic with the quality not as good as the original.
– As part of the aluminum plate in the body of the original N900, just below the battery there are parts that are not flat, and used to paste the sticker code and description of goods production. whereas on the Nokia N900 fake is flat without the notch a little.

The original phones

faked N900

when trying to enter the menu will look like a regular cell phone menu, while the N900 maemo would be different in shape, nokia maemo N900 with the operating system can not be used to install java application and can only use the application package from Debian or Ubuntu linux with the extension *. deb

then if we use the camera facility, there is something odd there. which will only show half or even less than the screen appearance as a whole, whereas the original N900 looks full screen mode in the process of target image

previously on the link
explain some differences between the original N900 with N900 false, but in my case it found the other forms are very similar and even without the ability and also dual ON TV

so beware………………………..

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