Be careful with fake NOKIA N900, similar to the original and this is a chinese product !!

Posted on July 9, 2010

The first counterfeit Nokia N900 showed up on eBay on 30 November 2009. Here is what to look for:

  • Supports MMS messaging; genuine Nokia N900 do not support MMS out of the box.

  • Has Dual SIM slots. Genuine Nokia devices have a single SIM slot.

  • Claims N-gage game support; N-gage site does not list the N900 as a supported device.

  • Comes with two batteries; genuine device is packaged with single battery.

  • Claims to be the “China version” or “Chinese version”.

  • Comes with BP-4L battery and not the correct battery for the N900.

  • Is a type other than RX-51 such as Type: RM-233.

  • 3.2 inch touch screen; 260k HVGA ; PX: 320*480.

  • Supports Java games, which Nokia N900 does not.

  • Supports portrait mode when not in dialing function, which the N900 famously does not.

  • Images are watermarked “Scʘfield”, a Chinese exporter of electronics such as are addressed here.

The fake you are looking at when trying to buy one of these may have only some of these characteristics.

The first listing that was spotted used images of the genuine N900 that were watermarked “BeGeek” or “hkvf”. These images could also be used in listings for genuine goods but if you see that sort of watermarking be certain to read the description carefully.

Now (January 2010) more of these listings are appearing. They employ unwatermarked images of the genuine device. They claim to be the N900 GSM + CDMA version. One devious seller titles the listing Nokia N900 and then in the description changes to Nokla N900. Also listings for fake Nokia N900 with photos of the fake have now appeared.


The images below are of devices that are labeled Nokia N900 but are not.

Note that this displays “NOKIA N900” on it.
It has a link to the OVI store. The typeface
of the text is too blocky.

Note that this shows the device with the screen in portrait
mode. This is not really supported by the genuine N900.

Here’s a look at the inside. Note the dual SIM
slots. It also takes the N97 battery, not the
N900/5800 XpressMusic battery.

A shot of the back of the device. They even reproduced
the decal on the battery cover.

This is another style of fake N900 with the slide direction incorrect.
Note the “TV” where the N900 should be. This also displays the
NOKIA mark on it.

A listing for an unlocking device listed two type of Chinese Nokia N900, one is single SIM and the other is dual SIM. No other information was available.

This isn’t a great deal of information but no doubt as more of these listings come to light the list of discrepancies will grow.

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