What’s wrong with the Blackberry 9650 aka ESSEX?

Posted on July 17, 2010

I do not understand why this product is a lot of complaints from users
a lot of complaints about battery life is more wasteful of the 9550/9520 series
then a large memory capacity that is not visible because there are very many out of the hourglass, or even freeze.
This probably happened because the OS is still not maximal, a case similar to 9550 when it first came out.
feared would appear that this image is not good products, such as the 9550 first time with the default OS when used in a GSM network signal visible up and down, then out of the new OS better and better which makes GSM signal becomes stable at 9550.
RIM parties should probably pay attention to this subject because the first impression that makes people interested and want to use it.
or maybe 9650 is better performance by using OS6? because the basis of these products using 512Mb of memory applications, is two times larger than the  storm 2  family.