blackberry 6, good new for 9700 users

Posted on August 20, 2010

Thanks to BGR, we’ve got something for all of the Bold 9700 users out there who have been waiting for BlackBerry 6. This video is nearly 3 minutes long, and answers many of the questions we’ve been dying to have answered.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect for BlackBerry 6 on the Bold 9700 as covered by the video:

Web browser runs smoothly, the address bar automatically hides as you scroll down with a clickable tab to re-open it from any spot on the page. Apparently the browser runs even better than on the Torch 9800, great news for 9700 owners!

Homescreen and menus are smooth, navigation and loading doesn’t seem to lag at all, and the overall performance seems to be great

New camera interface with built-in geotagging and face recognition

[ Youtube link for mobile viewing ]

[ via BoyGeniusReport ]