Blackberry OS6 performance is not yet maximal

Posted on December 1, 2010

If noted after exiting new type of blackberry 9780 aka onyx refresh seems to still not done a lot of users are satisfied with the latest OS from RIM.
The main factor, the problem is the cause of age batrai short (battery drain) and even in some type such as 9700 causing the memory drain, so that users feel less comfortable with the ability of the OS 6 has, in addition to the ‘lag’ or delay adding the menu when making migration inconvenience these problems.
Beyond that for me to try OS 6 This is actually one of the great breakthroughs when treated with a more mature on blackberry devices, many of its Web toolkit to assist and facilitate the use of existing ² menu looks ‘cool’ abis.
Until now the support using OS 6 (either release or leak), among others:
☑ torch 9800
☑ refresh onyx 9780
☑ 3G curve 9300 (although only 256mb of memory and often drain)
☑ Essex in 9650 (still a leak OS and battery often drain)
☑ onyx 9700 (memory drain battery drain)
☑ stratus 9100 / 9105 (drain memory / battery)
* To another type as far as I know do not support OS 6

OS 6 release or whether it is still leak, seems to have the same problem, and this is a stumbling block for RIM to introduce newest OS ² under the shadow of other gadgets such as the type species distinguished Android continues to grow and more and more people are interested.
Hopefully RIM is always improving its OS for blackberry users to remain confident using the features of RIM ², and keep the blackberry lovers will not experience boredom.

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