The dilemma of new users and the education of his blackberry

Posted on December 16, 2010

Just sharing it,
Despite many blackberry users in Indonesia and continues to grow but unfortunately education about its products is still very minimal, a lot of forums on the Internet that explain trouble shooting on the handheld, but unfortunately the explanation is more limited and more problems that occur outside of the introduction of its products.
Indeed, this is actually the responsibility of the manufacturer (RIM) in handheldnya to educate types, there are problems that arise precisely at the new user is not on his old users.
So why do we bother? Actually the problem is more to the element of ‘personal’, obstacles behind it all there are any adverse side for new users balckberry, of course we still remember the bold type?
The legend of this product is still made an impression on us, here the problem is precisely the point. Lots of new users who still want to buy these type, which obviously is the specification has fallen far behind the latest-type type that has been circulating, again there is the question “so what?”.
The answer to the previous question is circulating a new price makes no sense, is still sold at higher prices because sellers prefer the profit side than to educate the users, ultimately many new users who regretted buying a new product needs and applications while beresar more demanding a much higher specification, 2nd price is far below the new price would be so detrimental to many users who still have not properly understand the needs of handheld.
Perhaps the best-seller is more pressing right side of education for the products it sells than just seeing the personal benefits, such as absolutely necessary to explain the type handheld in accordance with the needs and budgets of these new users by providing guidance as well as possible will certainly help new users blackberry familiar and more satisfied using the goods they buy at high prices.