Comparison of smartphone technology in 2011

Posted on February 16, 2011

System-on-a-chip or abbreviated SoC is an integrated system of all components of a computer or other electronic systems into a single integrated circuit (chip). It may contain digital, analog, mixed signal and radio frequency functions – all on a single chip substrate. (embedded systems) or its rough this is the entrails of the (android, Apple and Blackberry) most smartphones and tablet PCs that exist now, A9 cortex ARM-based technology represents the latest developments from previous versions of the cortex A8.
Manufacturer SoC include:
-Texas Instruments

-And last newcomer, namely NVIDIA.
Previously, NVIDIA has been producing processor codenamed Tegra SoC type, but the market was less successful and sink along with the development of new types of SoC technology.
In this year out various types of SoC, and will be used by other smartphone manufacturers.

We look at each technology will be used by the producers:

+ Texas Instruments OMAP4
Production technology used was the same as the previous type OMAP3 with 45nm manufacturing, but have better pace with the increased performance of 25 percent. Using the A9 dual core cortex and Performance GPU and also I / O in graphics is the main difference compared to the previous version, ie embedded technology Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX540 which is also used on the cortex-based tablet PCs such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 current, graphic cores is combined with hardware accelerator modules IVA3 and Image Signal Processor (ISP) version 8.

+ Samsung Orion
This is the most in the waiting SoC presence because sure has a speed of 5x from Hummingbird SoC using PowerVR SGX GPU 450.
There is a possibility Samsung Orion using the GPU core of Mali-T604 recently announced by the ARM, the first use of this SoC is a Nexus S, with specification of the ARM Cortex A9 1GHz cores, with a 32KB data cache and 32KB instruction cache on its processor. This architecture strongly supports multimedia applications including full HD video playback and high speed 3D action games.
Orion menggunanakan smartphone can display the output 2 displays, one on the main screen handheld and output to a TV or monitor simultaneously through HDMI 3.1 chip
Another interesting side of the SoC is in addition to his specifications above are many similarities with the SoC design and architecture Intrinsity who purchased Apple to make the SoC that is used by Iphone4 A4 and also the latest Ipad.

+ Qualcomm QSD8672
So far, we are more familiar with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon as favorite Soc android smartphone, the possibility of future Qualcomm introduced a new type of QSD8672 with a clock up to 1.5 GHz Dual Core, the ability to support 1080p video playback and HDMI also DDR3 memory, the GPU is paired with Qualcomm is Andreno 220 , but still not as fast as saying PowerVR SGX540.

+ Marvel Armada XP (Extreme Performance)
One of the chip maker for some Blackberry products, Marvel made a breakthrough this year with SoC Quad Core 1.6 GHz, 2Mb L2 Cache, FSB 32bit and 64/32 bit DDR3 DRAM.
But unfortunately, architecture design still uses the ARM 7 technology

+ NVIDIA Tegra 2
This year NVIDIA launched a new product that is NVIDIA Tegra 2 with the ability Dualcore Cortex 9 with their respective cores to get the speed of 1GHz, 1Mb of L2 cache, and 32KB of L1 in each of its core.
More interesting with the ability 12mpix on the smartphone that will use this SoC, coupled with dual display capabilities like the Samsung SoC Orion make NVIDIA one of the best candidates, this is one of the SoC can we enjoy in the period earlier this year because it is marketed in the early years 2011, some products are already using SoC from NVIDA include: Motorola, LG and Samsung’s own